Platform gratings

Platform gratings manufactured by our company are used for passageways in industrial facilities, for covering vehicle ducts in repair workshops, driveways, stair landings, covering cellar openings, as safety gratings acting as barriers, decorative elements, etc. Depending on the load, the appropriate type of grating is selected. The resistance of the platform gratings is determined by:
– dimension of the supporting flat bar
– mesh size (pitch between flat bars)
– spacing of supports
Platform gratings are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the standards: DIN 24537, while the corrosion protection in the form of hot-dip galvanising complies with EN ISO 1461. Below is an example of a platform grating designation, which may be helpful when placing an order:
KOZ – welded bordered grating
34×38 – mesh size
30×2 – supporting flat bar
L=800 – length of grating (length of supporting flat bar)
B=1000 – width of grating
5 pcs – quantity of order
Platform gratings are manufactured to customer requirements and in standard sizes:
1000 x 1000 [mm] 800 x 1000 [mm] 600 x 1000 [mm] 500 x 1000 [mm] 400 x 1000 [mm]
Load-bearing flat bar of your choice, with dimensions:
25 x 2 [mm] 25 x 3 [mm] 30 x 2 [mm] 30 x 3 [mm]
Design B Welded grating, so called WEMA, with a rectangular mesh measuring 34 x 38 [mm]