Metal doormats

Doormats should guarantee good adherence to footwear and cleaning efficiency, and be safe to use, i.e. to prevent slipping. These features are best achieved by metal doormats with a diamond mesh (design A and C). Each doormat is constructed of an angle frame and a grating insert. Metal doormats are available in hot-dip galvanised and painted versions. Doormats can come with a frame for concreting in, fixing to paving stones or as inserts alone (without a frame) to be placed in a hollow in the paving stones corresponding to the dimensions of the metal doormat insert. Smaller sizes of metal doormats are designed for use in residential houses, in front of staircases in multi-family buildings, while larger sizes are used in front of stores, service premises and larger public buildings. Metal doormats are very practical to use. Their design allows it to be quickly cleaned by lifting the insert, which is very light, and removing the dirt. We also produce versions of metal doormats with anti-theft protection of the doormat insert. This option is available on request. Our company also makes metal doormats from welded grating with rectangular mesh of WEMA type. These are available in size 600×400 and any other dimension on request. The diamond mesh is small enough to protect the heels of women’s shoes from falling in.


Metal doormats are made in custom and standard sizes:

380 x 540 [mm], 420 x 640 [mm], 500 x 750 [mm]


Designs A Expanded metal grating with a diamond mesh. It is an anti-slip grating, characterised by a very good grip on shoes in all conditions, safe especially in winter when there is snow or ice
Designs C Dense expanded metal grating, which protects the heels of women’s shoes from falling in

Mounting type

The doormat frame has lugs for mounting in concrete or paving

wycieraczki metalowe z mocowaniem