Metal outdoor stairs

Our company manufactures stairs from various metallurgical products. The supporting structure of the stairs can be made of thick metal sheets, to which the metal treads are bolted. This solution gives the stairs great vertical rigidity and makes the stairs look very aesthetic. We also create stair structures from closed metallurgical profiles of rectangular or square cross-section. Stair support beams made of light profiles can be positioned on the outside of the stairs or on the underside, under the treads. The latter solution is particularly recommended in places where there is little space, as the beams placed under the treads do not widen the stairs, and then the entire available space can be devoted to the stair treads, making them more comfortable. The design of stairs made of closed profiles greatly enriches them in terms of aesthetics. We also make metal stairs from the most popular metallurgical product – channel iron. We have developed a construction of stairs with support beams made of hot-rolled channel, namely the beams are placed under the treads and – in comparison with previously used metal stair solutions – the channel is inverted, i.e. the smooth surface faces the outside of the stairs and the groove faces the inside. This gives an extraordinary visual effect; the stairs look like they were made of a closed profile, while maintaining high strength. It should be remembered that the strength indicators for a metallurgical channel section are considerably higher than for a hollow section of similar dimensions. The construction of metal stairs with support beams on the underside also gives the possibility of locating them inside the stairs, which creates the effect of hanging treads. We manufacture metal stairs comprehensively; we offer manufacturing, delivery to the customer and assembly, as well as manufacturing for self-assembly by the customer.  

Delivery to a specified location or personal collection from our factory is possible.

Outdoor metal construction stairs are the ideal solution for those looking for a tailored and elegant design for the outdoor of their building. The cost of metal external stairs is lower than stairs of concrete or wooden construction. In addition, outdoor metal stairs are safe to use, have non-slip treads and there is no fire hazard. Other advantages may also include:

  • ability to build complex and large structures
  • ability to dismantle when expanding the whole building;
  • high durability

The price and stability of this type of metal stairs argues for its consideration.

We will design and create any metal stairs for you according to your tastes and requirements.